The American Brabant Association

The American Brabant Association

The breed of horse known in the United States as the Brabant is today’s Belgian horse of Europe. Although the Brabant and
the American Belgian share a common origin in Europe, the Brabant has retained its working draft characteristics. She demonstrates
how to segment the Brabant’s body into thirds to illustrate ideal conformation. I totally agree with her that the depth of body
should approximate the length of the legs.

Stallion Scout (75%) on the offside and mare Mabel (87%) in lead owned by Karen Gruner of Ijamsville, MD, rake hay. Both horses are bay roans.
Bay roan comes in a variety of shades.

This video was filmed in a scenic locale, which adds much to its aesthetic appeal. Karen gives a good presentation of how the Flemish,
the Brabant, and the Ardennes strains formed the Brabant of the United States and the Belgian of Europe. While this review isn’t intended
to be a critique of draft owners’ desires, I feel the longer legs on a modern draft horse don’t make a larger horse, just a taller one.
Terminology is used that would probably not be understood by most lay people. The thickening of the skin and the resulting nodules,
being a condition known as chronic progressive lymphoma, should have been more thoroughly explained.

Also, the statement “skin being vascularized by fluid buildup of the lymphatic system” should have been better explained. The terminology that clean legs—meaning clean of lymphoma vascularizing—as the ideal should have been expounded upon. Although not mentioned in the tape, this condition is often known as wet legs, and the opposite as dry legs. Karen goes on to give an excellent demonstration on the ease of training the tractable Brabant to harness. No Brabant tape could be complete without the personable Tommy Flowers and his Brabants Rocky, Beulah, and Rosa. Tommy is devoted to his breed and obviously enjoys talking to people about them. All together, Karen’s sincerity and dedication to the Brabant make this program an enjoyable and informative way to spend 30 minutes in front of the TV. Now they are only seen parading in carnivals or helping with forestry work.

The Belgian Draught Horse is bred from the best Belgian breeds and has a proud history. Even in the time of Julius Caesar the Ardennes draft horse was highly valued.The Habsburg soldiers, however, needed slim, agile cavalry horses. The Austrians therefore tried to cross the muscular draft horse with lighter breeds. Experience has taught that only pure breeding gives the best draft horse. Intensive crossing of the best breeds from the Dender and Nijvel regions and the Méhange valley have made the Belgian draft horse the undisputed number one. References to this noble horse can be found here and there in Flemish Brabant. Along the Leuvensevaart canal, walkers can follow a towing barge, moving at the steady pace of a sturdy Brabant. Vilvoorde, the town of the 'Pjeirefretters', boasts a statue of the Belgian draft horse made by Koen Van Daele in 1993. Another Brabant found... skinny and dirty up in VT, 'Hobbs' was being beaten up by a farmers other two Belgians.

Fun facts about horses

Horses have been of great help for mankind in different activities since thousands of years ago. With their gracious features, impressive exercise ability and strength, the equine species have been thoroughly appreciated. From wars, mail system to races, paintings and movies, people have used them for big achievements and inspiration. Plan a Sunday morning in nature with your animal friend and burn calories while you enjoy the rides. Bring your kids along and let them play with him.

There are plenty of breeds you can choose from. Whether you pick a Mustang, Hanoverian, Morgan or a Brabant, there is no doubt that you and your family members will love the sense of freedom he gives you when you go for a ride on the open field. Savor every moment of your experience and let him put a smile on your faces. If you own a farm, the gentle Brabant can offer you support for the agriculture activities.

As many times humans are extremely busy with their everyday schedule in the urbanized areas, most of the beauty of nature is forgotten. Spend your days close to the natural surroundings and develop a trust relationship with your horse. You will feel the thrills of adventure more than with a night in the constrained space of your apartment. Imagine you can ride across the green valleys, the mountains passes with spring waters or the orchards.

Due to their extraordinary intelligence and memory, horses can be trained and used for various purposes. From farm work, sport and therapeutic transport for the disabled, they can learn required behaviors. Also, they can remember if someone treated them in a positive way and they will consider them a friend no matter how much time will pass before they meet again. Keep in mind that these traits can mean that the animals may figure out different ways to escape from posts.

The equine companions from can show positive or negative emotions and communicate their feelings through numerous facial muscles of the eyes, ears, lips and nostrils. Like humans, they can show many facial expressions or use whinnies. Horses can teach every person more about his inner self because they do not care about one’s position in the society, but only about the respect you show them. Be honest with them and they will have confidence in you.

Regularly rides can be a perfect workout for both humans and animals. You can lose weight and tone your muscles while you work at the barn, groom your friend or you discover new places. Horses can help you strengthen bonds with new friends and help you get past the cultural differences. With good speed and jumping abilities, these breeds are massively used in numerous equestrian sports such as racing, rodeo, English riding, team sports and much more.

Horses are wonderful creatures that can help you relax and forget about a terrible day. You can meet many persons who share your passion and plan a journey as a group. Crate special memories with your loved ones and keep your children in contact with natural sceneries. Rejoice in the peaceful feeling that a ride gives you and disconnect yourself even for a few moments from the environment of the city. Spend time with your horse and have fun!