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Horseback riding on the first date

They are intelligent animals with powerful bodies and friendly behaviors. Horses – and particularly the Brabant draft horses – were used by humans even since ancient times. Whether peace or war, horses have helped us to survive and evolve. Nowadays, we still need them as working animals or for pleasure riding. They are docile and relatively easy to train. Here’s why you should meet a gorgeous escort and try horseback riding on the first date.

The best first date idea

Let’s face it: horseback riding is so romantic! The simplicity of staying outdoors with your lover and enjoying nature on the back of a horse is the perfect recipe for an extraordinary meeting. The ingredients you need are boots, 2 horses, comfy clothes, one of the beautiful ladies from Escort Directory, smiles, and good disposition. Don’t forget the treats for horses or the foods and drinks for the picnic, either!

The remarkable escorts appreciate a gentleman who will stand by their side and teach them how to handle the horse. Sit back, enjoy your ride, and don’t try to impress your date with a gallop or reckless jumping. Recommend your companion to stay calm and scratch the horse on the wither – the animal will love it! Plus, if you give it a tasty treat every once in a while, the horses will listen to your commands and walk you for several hours.

Without any doubts, horseback riding horses is a fun activity. When enjoyed on your first date, it will allow you to learn more about escorts. They are adventurous ladies who live life to its fullest and who will pay attention to your desires. An important feature is their conversational skills, and they will creatively put you in a great mood. Invite one of the fantastic escorts to an equestrian club, and you will spend precious moments together.

How to behave on your first horseback riding experience

Most of the animals from the equestrian club are well-trained. They can deal with adults and children likewise. Because these horses are quite tolerant, you can often ride them even without the careful guideline of an instructor. What you and your escort must keep in mind is to “bond” with the horse and groom them before and while riding. Feed them and earn their trust! Stay correctly in the saddle, keep your feet in the stirrup, and use the reins to steer. Don’t pull, force, kick, or hurt the horse.

Horseback riding on the first date has become more popular than watching a movie or serving a romantic dinner. We can easily understand why. All escorts are impressed when you resemble a dueling knight, and they are rescued damsels that need you. The sense of freedom enjoyed on the back of a horse gives thrills. Regardless you ride on a beach or a trail ride, you and your escort will have a wonderful first date. What’s left to do? Think on how you’ll impress her on the second date!