The American Brabant Association

Horses like people are all individuals.

He was adopted by a NY therapeutic riding stable where everybody loved him. I got a call that there was a Brabant there. Last time I got that call, I ended up with a huge roan Belgian (who is successfully placed in MA). She described him, he sounded Brabanty, but I didn't trust her she said about 15.3, think legs, black, with the hair that he was roany and sweet!! Then, last night, the pictures came through. It seems that Dagh was bought by a meat buyer, but for some reason he was not sent directly to Canada to be slaughtered. So instead, he went through the auction pen at New Holland, where luckily Christy was standing.

Have a few barbants and a 1 1/2 year old full blood stud colt and a couple of 1/2 bred babys foresale up here in Canada b.c.anyone interested email me Also interested in other information/texts on Brabrants. If anyone has information on breeders (name/address) in southern Missouri or northern Arkansas I would likewise appreciate it.

I might add that although I like the Percheons, like most draft breeds they have genetically moved toward a leggier show horse rather than the blockier stance of 50 years ago. Interested in two young Brabrants in this coming year. Hope to have fencing completed by March. can say only recently ecome interest in horses, can me someon advise where the search information, or better even who to ask. I am looking for horses with Brabant blood in them.

Anyone especting foals this year or even next year with Brabant blood in them Kathy It's all going to depend on how well the filly develops. Horses like people are all individuals and some are going to mature faster than others. Talk to your local vet. We are prepared to offer frozen or chilled semen for the next breeding season.