The American Brabant Association

The Washington State Draft Horse Extravaganza is being held

Harness and saddle her as soon as you can and work on the ground. this will desensitise her to these things and make the riding less of a stress when the time comes. Just curious, I loved the picture of Scout in the pictures page, and noticed he was sold around a few times a year ago according to the guestbook.

Hope he found a good home, and it would be nice to know where he is if I ever need a stud. I adopted a 6 mos old Brabant filly last year. She is 16 mos old now I have gotten several different answers to her training, I don't want to ruin her, but I need to know from someone who is familiar with Brabants, how old she should be before I can train her for riding and carrying 300 lbs (total weight)? Fred, The Washington State Draft Horse Extravaganza is being held during the State Fair in Monroe, Washington from August 31 - September 3, 2009.

I should have Clyde, Rusty and Bob there ( all Brabants ) for the Working Division part of the Draft Horse Show on Monday through Thursday evenings. There are also a few Horse Logging Demonstrations, that I'm part of, that are coming up on August 1st and August 5th about an hour northwest of Seattle. been around horses most of my life, just introduced to Brabants, would love to spend some time with these horses, live 50 miles so. east of ky horse park, lexington,ky. is there anyone in the "blue grass region" with Brabants, am very interested, maybe like to purchase a 100% colt or filly. really enjoyed this website, may be future ABA member.

I've been a student of the draft horse world for about 4 years now. I have experience with Belgians, Percherons, Shires, and Haflingers. I would be interested in seeing some brabants up close and gaining some experience with them. Is there anyone is the association in Maine or New Hampshire We have recently purchased "Sultan van't Hoogeinde"as our herd sire. He stands 16.1HH and is a 100% imported blue roan brabant stallion.